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Today, is all about Tuesday!

Hi everyone.

So today the Blonde Dynamic Duo are back in the apartment.

Hayley and Jessica are available 1-1 or as a Duo, if you think you can handle them both (we know you can't but honestly, do it anyway!)

Later on Apsara will be joining them till late. She will also be available Wednesday morning for EARLY BIRD specials. If anyone wants an early appointment Pre Booking is Absolutely essential, Do NOT call Wednesday morning 'on the off chance' at 6AM.

Remember according to feedback, Apsara seemingly has no gag reflex 😍 xx

So pick up the phone and make it happen!!

PLEASE remember that being polite, discreet and courteous to our neighbors is the single most important thing you need to remember, particularly early in the morning and late at night!

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