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Treat Yourself this Payday Weekend

Hi gents!

First of all, a quick apology about the state of the apartment the last few weeks. Between me having pneumonia 🤒 and the leak from the flat above 💦💦💦 it's been one helluva month! We have a new company in tiling the en suite and giving the place a lick of paint and a few new touches I'm sure you are gonna love ❤️

We have a new addition to the team starting on Monday (more info to follow, but she is a beautiful young brunette) so if you want to get booked in with her, better do it quick! 📱

Durham Courtesan Adriana
Adriana x

Paige is up on tour this weekend, Simone and Adriana are in today and over the weekend we have the stunning Lucy accompanying me (in more ways than one, if you want 😜)

Get booked in by giving us a call on 07703 187605

Emmy xx

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