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Tues temptations...

Chanelle is available in the morning for you horny early birds! Golden Girl next door with a naughty streak that is as addictive as it is endearing! I know lots of you have been trying to see Chanelle & she will have a full profile on our new site next month (not long now!) She loves a bit of sexy role-playing - even the more taboo stuff we can't discuss. Happy with a bit of spanking & loves her toys, what more could anyone want?

Aira is also around & if you fancy treating yourself to a naughty Xmas present then unwrap both! Halfy Half bookings available with Chanelle & Aira too. Aira has a sexy santa outfit as well 😍

Our two teenagers are in later of course.

Please contact me for prebookings & availability the apartment phone is just to get in touch with who is in not to make prebookings on.

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