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Two absolute Stunners!

Hi everyone.

So for Thursday, we've got Apsara back in the apartment she's really getting to grips with our new toys and making the most of things. Watch this space for more website changes and private collections for all of the Courtesans.

Special requests are welcome, so get in touch directly with Apsara on: 07782133835

Joining her is the one and only Millie is back too. She's go so many ideas and is so naughty. I think it comes from her previous Babestation experience. She honestly LOVES a dress up for a roleplay and always hits the spot with her pics and vids! She's threatening to bring a suitcase full of dress up stuff and toys... Well I'm sure she's more than welcome x

you can get hold of  Millie on 07379558324 for requests from her too. x

Remember the apartment phone is always available should anyone be struggling, or if you are interested in joining our content creating collective.

As mentioned above, the website is set to change in order to facilitate what we do. But that's more options for you lot! It will provide a reliable secure way for you to purchase content, not having to rely on individuals being available etc.

Have fun Em xx

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