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Update for availability

Hi guys! Thanks for all kind messages & understanding with what's going on atm. The absolute plank who sent a message complaining about not having profiles etc up, I'd like to see how well you operate with what's going on. I imagine you get a cold & lie feeling sorry for yourself for a week lol!! I'm working on ideas for new website & still keeping up with as much as possible when I'm not in ICU when awake so give it a rest please. We cater for gentlemen here, whoppers & moany gits please book elsewhere 🙏

Simone & Rita are both around today guys. Our apartment phone is 07703187605 & if you contact the other numbers (use the one ending 38 if possible) you can book via that line also.

I'ts looking like I could be in a while but I'll put a limited rota up of who's in this week later on tonight.

Emmy xx

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