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Warning!!! Don't get scammed!!

Hi guys its been brought to my attention that someone is asking for 50% deposits upfront. That has never been a policy I've had. The ONLY times we will sometimes ask for a deposit is for outcall apps to new clients that are not in Durham. This is simply to protect the girls who require a driver from being out of pocket if the booking wasn't sincere. This is never more than £35.

No deposits for incalls are EVER required.

Also our business numbers are on the site. If anyone ever asks you to contact any other numbers & asks for a deposit, SAY NO & contact me immediately for clarification & we can find out & expose the culprit. If anyone asks you for a deposit check in with me & all legitimate deposits I'll be aware of.

Today a client was conned out of £60 by a Spanish sounding lady who gave an address in St Andrews Court in Durham. I'll update the blog with the number

Thanks & enjoy the sun! (Just to remind you we have fans/air cooler at our Durham incall 😎)

Emmy xx

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