• Emmy xx

Weekend away!!!

hi guys its been a manic 2wks! Over the weekend a few of the team will be available but we will be back to normal properly next week.

We're not leaving you alone though. We have arranged for a young lady to help us with taking bookings & we are on replacing towels & bedding in preparation for winter season.

Gabriella, Blue, Autumn & Simone are in at various times fri-sun but limited availability pls contact us for info. Aira is back mon with her new boobs 😍😍 and we may have a new friend starting to tour with us.

Please bear with us, we have to allocate time for reg cleaning and keeping things how you like them!

If ever i dont respond immediately to emails im not being ignorant, just contact 07756390805 & i'll personally answer any queries.

Emmy xx

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