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Weekend warriors!

Updated: May 6

Right lads! I'm not going to pretend I give a monkeys about this coronation. The sanctimonious prick refused to pay his substantial inheritance tax & the rest of the UK are forced to pay, so the only benefit I can see is extra Bank Holiday... or Bonk Holiday as this will now fondly be called. Hmmmm maybe the word Bonk shouldn't be associated with the Royals actually (although Andrew technically isn't a Royal...)

I digress, back to business.

Tomorrow Laa Laa is around til 11.30am ish if you want a kiss goodbye & your favourite natural Blonde Lucy is around 12-4pm

Sunday Adriana 11-8/9pm Emmy 1-9pm

Monday Laa Laa back on tour, Simone 11-6pm

Tues Natalia from 9.30am-6pm, Laa Laa on tour, Emmy 2-8pm

Wed Natalia 9.30-6pm, Laa Laa on tour

The rest of the week will be up soon xx

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