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What’s your stance on girls having their way with you?

Updated: Apr 16

Hi everyone

What a day!

We've enjoyed it so much we've changed things up a bit with the schedule to offer you even more!

So, The exquisite Hayley is now going to be in from 5pm all the way through to 6pm tomorrow (Tuesday) night! She's happy to do Early bird bookings from any time, but please call in advance for the super early stuff. What a way to start the day. What's not too like, she's sweet, sexy and knows exactly what she's doing! She's just about unshockable!

Our other Blonde Bombshell, Jessica, who will ride you to the stars and back again, is also going to be around tonight till 10pm and till 6pm tomorrow (tuesday) too. So Duos are most definitely available!

English Leah is also here till midday Tuesday. Then, the one and only, Adriana is around from midday till 9pm! Come spend some time with the girl with the best arse in the business! (the rest of her is utterly stunning too) xx

So much choice, how will you decide? don't limit yourself to just one of these stunners! Go on, treat yourself to something truly delicious... xx

PLEASE remember that being polite, discreet and courteous to our neighbors is the single most important thing you need to remember, particularly early in the morning and late at night!

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