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Who's in when?

As you know with being in hospital & having poorly baba in neonatal I'm only starting to crack on with the Web designer for our new site this week so I have info of who is around on what days this week for you 😁

Mon- Rita from 11am & Erin from 3pm

Tues- Olivia 10-5pm, Rita 2-late, Erin from 5-9pm

Wed-Simone 11-5pm, Rita 10-6pm

Thurs- Lucy 10-5ish, Olivia 10-6pm

Fri - Simone 11-6pm, Olivia from 10am & poss Lucy on eve

Sat- Lucy & Rita

Sun - Chanelle 12-6pm, Simone 2-7pm

Hours of availability may vary slightly this week (thank you for bearing with me atm, as you know I'm back & forth from neonatal but progress is being made!)

Emmy xx

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