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Who's playing?

Right eyes front, open ears! (Anyone else remember that from school?)

Today Lucy, Rita & Erin are avail

I am just on amending the rota but for those of you keen to know Chanelle is in on Thursday & fri this week & Olivia on Thurs & Fri (on Friday she is bringing a rather sexy blonde along who is checking us out & interested in dipping her toe.. I'll keep you posted!) 😘 Also Erin has a friend who has asked to come along & meet us too so could have some newbies for you welcome to our little team 😊

I have a lot of family commitments this week gents. Of course will endeavour to answer promptly but of course we do have our apartment phone 07703187605 which goes directly to whoever is in but if its availability you want or a prebooking just contact me on 07756390805

Em xx

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