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With a bang!

Happy 5th November! If you'd like to celebrate this weekend & have an explosive time (I know I know!) Olivia & Lucy are available 10-4pm tomorrow & newbie Leoni 4-10pm.

Olivia has had unreal feedback for those of you who are still to rendezvous with our raven haired, flirtatious local she comes highly recommended!

Lucy of course offers nuru, if you've not yet tried that.. its something we all need trust me! Pure pampering.. if you want to try BOTH we do have Halfy Half bookings available & with a nuru version 😉 1hr long 1st half with one & 2nd half with both! If you've always toyed with the fantasy of 2girls this is a civilised way to slip into it.. a gentle knock on the door after being given a warm welcome & a thorough wind down...or up.

Leoni is our newest addition to the group & tomorrow is only the 2nd time she's met us. At only 18yrs old she's also the youngest of our team but initisl feedback tells me she will be a hit xx

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