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Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Sorry for the delay gentlemen! From tomorrow

Thurs Chanelle 10-6pm, Olivia 10-4pm & Lucy 4-8pm

Fri Simone 11-3pm Chanelle 10-2.30pm Lucy 2.30pm-9pm

Sat Olivia & Lucy 10-5pm

Erin is available next on Sunday eve

Oooooh it's so great feeling like one requires a 48hr day. Chasing my tail somewhat atm but I'll get there! Getting stuck into my training is reminding me how much I love kicking others into shape lol! Suppose being good at dishing out a good ear bashing makes me excellent at discipline on myself. Jogging on a night takes will power but feels great (I promise) if you pref to take your exercise lying down then you know what to do 😘 xx

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