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Durham Courtesans are a group of independent professional content creators in Durham, covering County Durham, Sunderland, Newcastle, Darlington, Cleveland and the rest of the North East UK. 

We provide a safe, private space for out content creators to work in. Allowing people the freedom to work for themselves without the unwanted interruptions of daily life.​

After all,  it's our business to put smiles on faces!

Sooo what IS a courtesan??.. well, let me explain what it means to us. Courtesan is a 16th century word that was used to describe sexually confident women with a taste for rich older guys.. ahem! It also refers to a "lady of the court" as a female who uses her feminity & womanly charms to entertain & seduce. As words often do, the definition has evolved & changed over the years but this definition is what reflects us. 

All of the latest news from Durham Courtesans

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