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Tuesday... Hayley & Simone... always hit the spot!

Updated: May 7

Evening all!

Sooo. It's actually been a decent bank holiday weekend... who'd have thought?

So how about kick starting the working week with a bit of..... ooo la la 😈

Hayley is in the apartment tonight (Monday) and is staying over, so if you need an early morning kick start to your Tuesday then look no further.

Hayley's blonde, with a great body and boobs just begging to be sucked! She's your sweet and sexy girl next door most of the time, but also wild and electric at other times, so if you need something more wild to get you prepped for whatever the day is going to throw at you Hayley's got you covered.

Call her to book and tell her what you're looking for and when (pre bookings for Early tomorrow only please but you can also pre book for later in the day too!). She'll hit that spot... over and over, if you can handle it! xx

Hayley will be available until 6pm!

In addition the absolutely stunning, 'Pin Up' style, model, Simone, will be available from 12 noon till 7pm! What a pair we will have in the apartment from dinner time. It's a touch choice to choose between them!

Simone has got it all and isn't afraid to show you either. She offers the Ultimate Sensual GFE experience. Satisfaction absolutely guaranteed. Did someone turn up the thermostat, because it's getting HOT in here! x

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Nothing better than getting naked outdoors!

The risk of getting caught is a big turn on.

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