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Ladies and Gentlemen... Emmy has left the building! ...On holiday!

Thats right everyone, if you missed me you missed me, Madame Emmy is off on her holidays! I'll be back in just under a couple of weeks, so you'll have to wait till then for access to my unique ball busting skills etc!

In the mean time, Both phones are at the apartment and they will be answered as soon as is practical by whoever is in for bookings. Texts will also be responded to also. So don't be shy, there's still plenty on offer for you all!

For PRE BOOKINGS ONLY please feel free to email with your request and a telephone number and this will be passed on to the girl(s) you want to see and they will get back to you with confirmation!

Simone is in the apartment now and Jessica will be available from 4pm today.

check out the Calendar for details on the rest of the week.

Happy Valentines day xx

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